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Make your photography sing!

Artist's Voice

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You’ve done photography workshops, but you’re still hungry for...

something more.

You want that

something “extra”

to shine through.

You’re itching to join your photographic technique with the artistic, expressive voice you have inside.

A heart & soul connection

that can be seen, heard, and felt in your work. In any work, photography & beyond. (After all... life is art!)

It’s eluded you so far. But...

it’s there.

You can feel it

in your bones. It’s why you keep searching.

You want your creations to sing out in

your one, true voice.

You want access

to photograph, to create art, to LIVE from that place.

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On every level.

Know what else?


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So,what is the


The Artist's Voice is


It knows what it loves,

what makes it’s heart sing,

It’s where your true vision lies.

It has no doubt.

It’s what you’ve been longing to connect with, but had no idea how to go about it.

Now you will.

And you don’t need to be super experienced.

You DO need an open heart, mind, and the camera you’re most comfortable with.

This is not about learning your gear; it's about learning what your heart can create with it!

Hike on Sunset

You'll learn...




  • "SEE" photographically in new & unique ways

  • Harness the power of AWE to transform and elevate your art - and your life

  • TECHNIQUES for working with - not fighting - both outer conditions and your own expectations

  • A tried 'n true SYSTEM to focus yourself when everything conspires to distract you

  • How to visually TELL THE STORY of your entire experience, from the intimate to the grand landscape, all based upon your own unique artistic voice.

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for our


and news about workshops & retreats


Thank you for joining us.

We're so glad to meet you!

Karen Hutton

is an award-winning International Landscape and Travel Photographer, Professional Fujifilm X-Photographer, Artist, Speaker, Author, Educator. She is the creator of The Artist's Voice Photography Retreats, which she has presented in the U.S., Europe, as well an online. Karen's Fine Art prints have been displayed in shows and installations in the U.S. and Japan.

Through her stunning imagery, humor, thought-provoking ideas and a genuinely positive outlook, she inspires people to discover their artistic voice in photography — while making it all feel like an unforgettable and eye-opening adventure.

A lifetime of creating photographically began as a child, after a transformational vision of light. Now her “artist’s paintbrush” is a camera which, not coincidentally, utilizes light and time as its painterly medium. She's had a camera in her hands her entire life.

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I believe that art is love made visible. That Awe is a prime emotion given to us by the Creator for its power of transformation. And that the more we experience it, the happier + lighter we become. I believe in discernment, truth, wisdom, strong artistic choices, love and the power of uplifting others.

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Adoring fans + customers call her

“Pure JOY, LIGHT & absolute FUN!”

“An inspirational gem” and

"Incredibly artistic."

"Captivatingly genius."

"World class!”

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Kim Clune

is an international wildlife, travel, and landscape photographer, author, naturalist,and educator. Her work has been featured in NY galleries, and published in international literature. As a photo expedition leader, she has taught hundreds of people to master their cameras among the winter wolves of Yellowstone National Park and alongside Alaska's coastal brown bears.

With a degree in English Literature, Kim has guest lectured on storytelling through words, photography, and film at the University of Maine. She's also had the honor of judging photography exhibits at the South East Alaska State Fair.

In every endeavor, her love of fun and sense of adventure inspires her students to explore not just their surroundings but the scenery of their spirit.

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Photography is me having a chat with the universe. We meet up. We get curious. We ask questions of one another. And the moment we "click" is the moment my soul's story is exposed in what some call my "work." But the universe and I both know my work is all play.

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Fanciers, clients, & collectors say Kim "captures the essence of life with every shot & every breath," She's "authentic," "effervescent!" "generous," "passionate," and "an inspiration."

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